SmartChord sheets are a new feature added to MindMyMinistry in March 2017.  Using our new chord sheet editor, you can edit chord sheets and save them without having to upload files.  Chord sheets are in simple text format with chords layed out in the line above the corresponding lyric, so no markup languages or structures to learn.  Simply copy and paste in your lyrics or existing chord sheet and MindMyMinistry auto-detects the chords.

To add a chord sheet to your song, click on the Add Attachment link in the Song view.  Select Chord Sheet as the attachment type, then click the use chord sheet editor link to show the new editor.

You can also edit existing chord sheets, as long as they have been uploaded as a plain text file (.txt).  MindMyMinistry also allows you to upload and download text files directly.

This is a screenshot of the chord sheet editor:

As you paste or type chords and lyrics into the editor, the chords are highlighted.  You can click or tap on any chord to hear what it sounds like.

The Transpose Up and Transpose Down buttons allow you to transpose the entire song up or down by a semitone.  All chords are immediately transposed and updated in-place.