MindMyMinistry automatically tracks song activity for you in the event that you are needing to report to the CCLI for licensing purposes.  Note that we do not automatically report your data to the CCLI - and technically no system can do that as there is no interface that allows us to do that.  Reporting has to be manually done by CCLI license holders (you), using data retrieved from MindMyMinistry.

Song Activity Tracking

We currently track the most popular pieces of data - print activities and download activities.  For print activities, you must manually click on the [+] button in the Song view whenever you make a physical print-out of any lyrics, chord sheet or other copyrighted material for the song.  Please refer to the CCLI documentation - it can be a little tricky to decide what constitutes a "print" and what does not.

MindMyMinistry automatically tracks the number of times song material was downloaded; this counter will increase every time anyone downloads one of the attachments to the song.

Using the Activity Register

In the event of a mistake, MindMyMinistry lets you delete any activity that was recorded against a song.  To view and edit the list (as an Admin), click on Go to Activity Register for any song.  This will display a list of all recorded activities for the last 3 months:

From this screen you can delete any activity by clicking the Delete link.

Reporting to the CCLI

When you are asked to report back to the CCLI, you can use our built-in report to get all the data in a summarised form, in a similar shape to what the CCLI will be asking for.  To get to the report, click on the CCLI Activity Report link top-right on the Songs page.  This will display the last year's worth of data by default:

You can change the date range to reflect the dates you are reporting for.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or comments about this part of the system, be sure to get in touch!