MindMyMinistry lets you share selected folders from your Dropbox account to your team members.

MindMyMinistry Dropbox Integration

This is great if you already have a large collection of data that you would like to share with everyone involved in your ministry.  You can choose which folders to share.  Sharing is read-only, so people cannot upload content into your Dropbox; they can only download and view.

Steps to link your Dropbox account

  1. Login to MindMyMinistry as an administrator.
  2. Go to the Settings area (top right).
  3. Click on the Dropbox Integration link:

  4. On the Dropbox Integration page click on the Add Dropbox Account link:

  5. MindMyMinistry will then take you to Dropbox where you can login and authorise our system to access your Dropbox files.

  6. Dropbox will automatically send you back to MindMyMinistry when the process is complete.  You'll see a screen with your Dropbox account:

  7. Although your account has been linked up, no folders have been shared with your team yet.  To select a folder to share, click on the Add Folder from Dropbox link.  You'll be presented with a list of folders to select from.  Add as many as you like, and remember to click the Submit button to save your changes.

  8. Your Dropbox folders should now be visible under the Files area for everyone with access to your church in MindMyMinistry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove my Dropbox account from MindMyMinistry?
Yes, at any time.  Simply remove all the folders you have shared, click Submit, and then click Unlink Account.  Other team members will no longer have access to your Dropbox account.

Can other users change the folders I want to share?
No, as a security measure we only allow the Dropbox account owner to choose which folders they want to share.

Does this use up any storage on my Dropbox?
No, as MindMyMinistry only provides read-only access into your shared folders.  We do not currently allow uploads into your Dropbox for security reasons.

Dropbox already does sharing with other users - why should our church use MindMyMinistry to do this?
While this is true (and you may choose to do this for your own reasons), you may find sharing folders through Dropbox has a few fish hooks.  Here are a few considerations:
  • When sharing folders with other Dropbox users, storage quota is used up for both users, both the person who shares the folder, and the person who is subscribed.  This means that if you have 4GB of files in the shared folder, users who subscribe to that folder each lose 4GB in quota.  This is often a big problem for people who are on free Dropbox account, and only have limited storage.
  • Dropbox will sync all the files to each subscriber's computer and other devices.  This uses up storage space everywhere.
  • People often delete the shared folder on their device, not realising that they are actually deleting the data for the entire church!  This leads to difficult and time consuming restore operations.