MindMyMinistry offers two ways to add people to your events.  One of them is to simply add them, and as soon as you save the event they are on the roster.

Inviting people into events

The other way is to invite them to serve on the event.  Inviting is different to adding a person - when inviting, MindMyMinistry will automatically send the person an email notification 10 days before the event (or first rehearsal asking them to accept or decline the invitation.  Once they do this, status information is displayed back in the event on MindMyMinistry.  This cuts out a lot of emails and phone calls.

Inviting someone to serve on an event is simple - Just click the Invite button instead of the Add button:

Once you've done this you'll see the person in the people tables as normal, except for an icon at the start of each row.

This icon indicates the status of the invitation.  An empty circle like above indicates that the invitation has not been sent to this person yet.  Once the invitation is sent (normally when you save your changes * ) this icon will change:

The orange question mark indicates that the invitation has been sent, but MindMyMinistry has not had a response from the person yet.

If the person has responded, you may see  - the person has accepted the invitation, or a red cross if they have declined.  If they have declined, they may optionally provide a reason why:

Tips and Tricks

  • You can see invitations and responses in the Event History.  Just click the Show History link at the bottom left of any event.

  • Invitations can only be sent if the person you're adding has an email address on record.  If this is not the case, the Invite button will be disabled and you will only be able to add the person, not send an invitation.

  • If someone declines an invitation, MindMyMinistry will alert you to this by showing a warning top left on the event screen.

  • If you invite people to an event that is more than 10 days in the future, MindMyMinistry won't send the invitations immediately - instead the system will wait until 10 days before the event (or earliest rehearsal) before sending out the invitations.  This is done so that people don't forget that they've signed up for an event, and so that they don't get flooded with a lot of invites when you set up your events months in advance.  If MindMyMinistry is delaying your invites, a warning will be displayed at the top.